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About Phedisang
Phedisang’s operates in the Maruleng district of Limpopo, between Hoedspruit and Tzaneen. The area is one of the poorest in the country and opportunities for the youth are severely limited.

The project has been running for over a decade and currently looks after more than 450 children at 8 centres. In this time, Phedisang has been instrumental in altering the care of orphans and vulnerable children in the area by providing food and access to health services.

The South African government, spurred into action by Phedisang, has now committed substantial resources to the basic health and food security needs in the area.

Now that the children are healthy and fed, Phedisang’s mission is to radically improve the prospects of these communities.

Phedisang’s mission is to inspire and radically improve the prospects of the youth in rural communities through leadership training, education and access to job opportunities.

Phedisang is building an IT Hub to provide a digital library and build computer literacy; and creating a permanent, dynamic Leadership and Internship Programme that provides the opportunities, skills and confidence that our kids need to improve their circumstances and take responsibility for their lives.

Guiding Principals
  • Support and develop young leaders in the community
  • Education and IT skills development
  • Emotional enrichment
  • Critical thinking and decision making
  • Prepare youth for gainful employment
  • Provide opportunities for unemployed youth
  • Poverty alleviation
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A story of hope
The main challenge in Maruleng today is the large (and growing) number of unemployed youth. There is very little infrastructure for kids to learn the skills needed for jobs that are not manual labour and there is no guidance to help them enter the job market or become entrepreneurs.

Recognising this in 2009, Phedisang started to look at youth leadership by starting a Leaders Program. A small group began to develop basic leadership skills and improve their self-confidence. Two of these young leaders obtained bursaries for University and graduated in Pharmacy and Business Management.

For the community, this was amazing: it suddenly opened the doors to possibility and, encouraged by the success, Phedisang piloted the Achieve Your Goals Internship Programme in 2011. It included 12 young adults and focussed on job responsibility and invaluable skills (like computer training) as well as organising field trips to expose the kids to different careers. After a very successful year in the internship program two more young leaders obtained bursaries, one of them to study Biochemistry. These young adults are role models within the community, showing that there is a way out of the cycle of poverty.

With these encouraging results, Phedisang’s goal is to build permanently on these successes by constructing an IT hub for technology development; and a permanent, dynamic Leadership and Internship Programme to provides the opportunities, skills and confidence that are required to realise one’s full potential.
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