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If you are interested in volunteering your time in one of the following ways, please contact us!

We need help approaching corporate and private sponsors, researching web-based sources of funding and sending out proposals for funding. We are trying to find someone who is located in the Johannesburg area who can meet to discuss strategies.

Anyone can help us by holding an event and nominating Phedisang as the beneficiary. We have held quite a few fundraising parties and if you are interested please let us know. We can support the event with press kits, speakers as well as asking some of our Phedisang alumni to attend so you can see the success stories in person.

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Any other fundraising ideas? Let us know!

We have donation capabilities set up in the UK and South Africa as well as International Credit Card donations. If you can help improve our donations system, please contact us.

Hands On
If you are interested in spending time on the ground with the children at the centres, we can discuss opportunities and arrangements. You should have experience in non-profit work, community projects and/or leadership training. As a Non Profit, we need every cent going towards our work, so you will be responsible for all your costs but the experience will be amazing.
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